November 6, 2020

How to Get don't Blink Challenge filter in Instagram

How to Get don't Blink Challenge filter in Instagram

Do you want to win a staring contest? Is it the timer that is running fast, or is it you? You might not probably win, but then you should try this filter at least once. You might give it a go if you think you are an expert at not blinking. This popular filter is known as Don’t Blink as Much As You Can filter on Instagram. Besides being running like wildfire over the Internet, it is the funniest Instagram filter to come up.

How does this work?

This Instagram filter can show you how much duration you can go without blinking your eye. The Don’t Blink as Much as You Can Instagram Filter shows you how long you can go without blinking. This filter shows a timer over your forehead and starts to count the time you can go without blinking. If you blink, the timer stops instantly.

But there are few ways through which you cheat or hack to get better results. Dare to hold a staring contest between your friends and see who will come out as a winner. Show your friends that you are an expert in this filter.

How to Use this Filter on Instagram?

To get this filter you need to add it manually on your Instagram camera. Below are the steps that you will need to follow to use this filter on Instagram:

The first step requires you to visit the profile of the creator whose Instagram username is: yana. mishkinis.

After finding their profile, you need to press on the smiley icon face which you will find in the middle of the screen. You need to navigate this just on the top of their posts. It will enable you to show you a preview of their creation.

The next process would require you to press on the filter. It will help you to have a preview of this Instagram filter.

During this preview process, you need to press the save button. On the bottom of your right-hand corner, you will find this filter.

When you saved the effects button, you will get to enjoy this filter. There is no limit on the use of this filter and even you can post this filter on TikTok.

How you can use this filter on TikTok?

This filter is creating a storm on TikTok. Each day thousands of people are posting their videos on TikTok. You will notice that people are challenging themselves while setting new benchmarks. Only a handful of them can achieve this. As this is a new filter, several people are still unaware of how to use this filter on their social media platforms.