November 4, 2020

How to Get the Bald Filter on Instagram?

How to Get the Bald Filter on Instagram?

The increasing popularity of filters in social media are taking the internet to a whole new level. As new filters are coming up every day, so is the increasing number of users on social media. Besides allowing the users to create something new, these filters are interesting and way too funny. One such filter in Snapchat is taking the app through leaps and bounds. This viral filter is Bald Head Filter.  When you use this Snapchat filter, it shows you that you are bald. Though being bald is not that bad after all, but not having a single hair is utterly shocking.

Few people posted their bald videos on Instagram that caught the attention of their friends and relatives. They thought shaved their head completely. Rigorous searching continued but nothing came up. Finally, the search for Bald Head Filter was a success.

How to utilize this on Snapchat Filter?

This Snapchat filter looks like a real filter out of all the filters in social media. At first, no one would believe it. This filter can make you as if you have shaved your head. Initially, you might search for this filter on Instagram. But this filter is available on Snapchat. Here’s how you can try out this filter.

At first, you should open your Snapchat app.

Then, press on the smiley face icon that you will near to the right of the recording button. It will show you with all the list of available filters in Snapchat

Then, you need to type in the search button that you will find at the bottom of your screen's right-hand. This will let you search for this filter on Snapchat.

You need to write in the search box as Bald Character.

Pick the filter in the name of “Bald Character” and let the fun begin.

This Snapchat filter is too funny. You might have even noticed that some people are already using this Snapchat filter.

Alternatively, you can use this filter on TikTok and Instagram also.

How you can use Bald Filter on TikTok and Instagram?

It is easy to use this filter on Instagram. At first, you need to record your video on Snapchat. Then, you need to download the video on your smartphone. Then, you can upload your video on either TikTok or Instagram. Currently, you cannot use this bald filter directly on both platforms. You should record the video on Snapchat, then only you can upload your video in the app that you wish to use.