November 16, 2020

What is Spark Ar Studio & Why to Use it?

What is Spark Ar Studio & Why to Use it?

Whether you’re an artist, player, celebrity, or simply an individual interested in creating fantastic AR effects on your Facebook and Instagram profiles, posts, and pages, the Spark AR Studio is no less than a blessing for you!

Spark AR Studio turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. Here, it will enrich your camera display with contextual information, making you point your smartphone at a building, monument, or stunning scenery to display its history or estimated value.

The Spark AR Player - which works equally well on both Mac App and Google Playstore App, is a super-fast app and lets you create the most advanced effects with augmented reality for the Facebook and Instagram Camera.

You can use Spark AR Player for various purposes some are:

  • Create Mirror effects, like masks and frames
  • Explore multiple effects & versions in the app
  • Test your creations

Why Spark AR Studio?

Here are some reasons you must install the Spark AR app on your mobile to enjoy its fantastic augmented reality features.

01. Powerful AR software

Spark Ar software is a powerful software that comes with many templates available, and it’s effortless to use for the newbies/beginners. Here, with advanced customizations, you can control and manage some of its features according to your requirements and desires as it’s equipped with almost all the features necessary while creating the face effects.

02. AR creation at any level

As Spark AR is built so that anyone can use it even with no coding knowledge, some of its advanced features and creation tools are built specifically for novice javascript developers, 2D artists to sophisticated 3D modelers, visual effects designers, and sketch creators. With 50 new features, it’s bringing your AR effects to new life.

03. Import objects and sounds

While using the Spark AR app, you can easily import your selected sound files and other animated 3D objects from your computer to the mobile app. It enables you to reach any level and lets you create stunning creations providing you maximum opportunities to change your background, face effects, character effects, and face frames.

04. Publish effects to Instagram

With Spark AR Hub assistance, you can create, publish, manage, and scale your AR effects performances across Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, you can check your views with it. Many artists, designers, developers, and creators have already connected with Spark AR Studio because of its popularity based on its unique features.

05. Millions of AR Effects

You can create as many stunning effects as you can. With a large community of around 400,000 creators from 190 countries, Spark AR has just gained attraction and captures the ingenuity and imaginations of so many types of creators who have published over 1.2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram; thus, Spark AR is the largest platform for mobile AR.

Download Spark AR

Apple Store: Spark AR For iOS

Google Play: Spark AR For Android