January 6, 2020

Which SpongeBob Character Are You on Instagram Filter

Which SpongeBob Character Are You on Instagram Filter

SpongeBob Square Pants is a popular show that has millions of viewers across the globe. Most people have watched this favorite show or the other. This show, irrespective of its age group, ranks one of the most favorite among the masses. It is so popular that the character happy little sponge became a household name.

With this creative idea in mind, Instagram came up with this filter to show you which character you belong to in the show. On Instagram, you will find this filter that goes by the name Which SpongeBob Character Are You? Though, there are other filters on Instagram that are equally funny and interesting. But this one show has caught the attention of the people to a very large extent.

How does this filter work?

If you apply all the popular characters from this show on your forehead, you will get this filter. Though it is not possible to apply all at the first instance. This filter will spin all the various characters at a single time and it comes up with a random one. Irrespective of the character it stops, you resemble that character. You need to try at least once if this show tops all the list among the rest of your favorite television shows.

How to use this Instagram filter?

If you want to use this filter, you need to do it manually. Using this filter is not too tough. You need to follow simple instructions that may lead you to use this filter conveniently on Instagram.

At first, you need to visit the profile of the creator of this amazing filter whose Instagram username is:

The next step you need to do is press the smiley face icon that you will find in the center of your screen. Above the creator’s Instagram posts, you might find this.

After pressing on the smiley face, you see the filters being uploaded on Instagram. Tap on the Which SpongeBob Character Is Your Instagram Filter.

Tapping on the filter, a preview of the filter will come upon the creator’s face. While on this screen, you need to save the effect button you will find in the bottom corner of your right hand.

After saving the effects, you can use that filter as per your convenience. For using this filter, you need to open up your Instagram camera, pick the filter on Instagram. On the left-hand corner of the recording button, you can locate this filter.