December 12, 2020

Worst smart phone to run Instagram

Worst smart phone to run Instagram

Instagram is highly popular, but with Android phones getting iOS quality levels are impossible. The Android phones give a feel of being in beta version forever. The new flagship Android phones, such as the P30 Pro and Samsung S10, have gorgeous hardware, video, and superb cameras, yet they are not suitable for Instagram optimized apps. There is no doubt that these flagship smartphone’s hardware is amazing. Yet, when your preferred apps behave weird or do not work as you want on the platform, it ruins all the interest.

No features

The android version lacks many features of iOS, and this is apparent with Instagram, such as:

Automatic text centering

Video automatic splitting for stories lengthier than 15 seconds.

Issues with resizing and trouble with zooming screens.

Video issues in your feed. It is while you try commenting on some photo, you will notice the reply is not on the right thread.

The worst is the audio/video quality as you try uploading stories.

The problem appears with Android devices. They are in thousands of numbers and vary with the screen sizes, camera sensors, and hardware. It looks like to optimize for a phone the Instagram apps, the developers must write code in specific lines, such that it is suitable for each screen/camera/hardware. The camera sensors are different in each Android smartphone. It is not easy to optimize the app according to each android model

Many people love Snapchat and Instagram but dislike the photo and video quality as they upload. It is because of the poor result that Android phone users experience. Developers have a set of instructions and rules to use in iOS the camera and the models are few that Apple ensures the set of rules works in all the iOS models.

Why the issue stands unfixed by companies like Instagram?

The issue is the different screen sizes of the hundreds of Android phones. With the screen sizes, their camera hardware is also different. Thus, if Instagram has to include code for each Android device available in the market, it must include a code line of 1000 plus.

Cheap smart phones make instagram stories "laggy and choppy"

Yes, this has created inequality among Android and iPhone app users. The Android phones keep launching every month in a few hundred, while the iPhone’s launch takes considerable time and with few numbers, they ensure it supports the latest application versions.

It is easier to develop apps for developers for fewer devices, and iPhone apps are much optimized comparative to Android smartphones.